The artists on this page each have a tremendous talent and Faust Productions is grateful for their contributions to Triptych. Without them, Triptych would not be the vision that it is today.

Millie Maddox – Lead Visual Artist

Millie Maddox has had a broad career as a professional artist, illustrator and animator most notably of which was a 5 year career in the mobile games industry at Gameloft in New York City. She has 11 published mobile game titles under her belt and can work in a variety of different art styles comfortably, from pixel art to vector art, cartoony to photo realistic. She has worked on major titles such as The Oregon Trail for iPhone, The Oregon Trail 2: Goldrush, and Spiderman Toxic City. She was also the lead animator on The Oregon Trail: American Settler, giving life and personality to every human and animal character in the game at the launch of the title. After moving to San Francisco three years ago she has broadened her creative skill set to include motion graphics and video editing and has worked on educational training videos and projects for companies such as Apple, Genentech, Hilton, Kaiser Permanente, Hewlett Packard, and more. Currently Millie is the lead creative at Sqor Sports, a small startup in the heart of San Francisco’s financial District. During her short time at Sqor Sports she also undertook the task of managing, producing, and art directing the Iconify by Sqor Sports image builder/meme creator app for IOS.

Aside from art, one of Millie’s biggest passions in life is belly dance which she discovered 9 years ago when she took her very first class with The Mama of Tribal Fusion, Jill Parker. While working in NYC, she continued her dance studies with the incomparable Sera Solstice, Danielle Hutton and the East Coast Tribal stylization of movement. Cammi Darshan Vance was also one of her core teachers and heavily influenced the style of movement and emotion that she brings into her dance. Millie is a member of Cammi Darshan Vance’s performance at Shake the Bay in July 2015.

Millie Maddox
Millie MaddoxLead Visual Artist
Micah Van Hove
Micah Van HoveDirector / Director of Photography

Micah Van Hove – Director / Director of Photography

Frank Hernandez – Assistant Director / Writer / Dancer / Editor

Frank Hernandez was born in The Bronx, NY, raised in Miami, FL, and is currently living in San Francisco, CA
working as a Producer, Editor, and Motion Graphics Designer. He discovered his passion for film in 2007 and has never stopped working since.

With over eight years of professional experience working on a number of varied projects including action films, documentaries, music videos, talk shows, and musicals, his videos have surpassed over 1 Million views on YouTube as well as raised over 26 thousand dollars on Kickstarter. His work has been featured at Sundance, San Diego Comic Con and the Shanghai International Film Festival, so he’s ready to take on all challenges.

When not making films he loves watching films, bike riding, tweeting (@FrankAPM), nature and is an avid professional wrestling fan. When asked just how much wrestling he watches, his only reply is “too much”.

Frank Hernandez
Frank HernandezAssistant Director / Writer / Dancer / Editor
David Wu
David WuMusic Director / Lead Guitar

David Wu – Music Director / Lead Guitar

David Wu was born with a passion for music and martial arts. He began taking private guitar lessons at the age of 12 and also trained extensively in Tae Kwon Do and Muay Thai. Wu is truly a Bay Area musician and has been in several bands throughout his lifetime. He grew up listening to metal, which is where his heart is, and formed his own metal band, with Mike Falconer in 2004 called Vietus Mortuus.

Wu currently plays guitar for the horror punk band ‘Plan 9’, the rock band Flak Bait, and the Hellbillys. These bands have taken him on extensive tours all over the U.S., Europe, South America, Mexico and Canada. Wu also received his art degree in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute (Ophidian Eye Photography) and has captured many magical moments with his artistic eye and musical heart.

Adien Lewis – Musician / Composer (Dust and Water)

Adien Lewis is an experienced singer-songwriter and producer, making catchy electronic R&B and Pop. Adien broke into the music scene, penning Youtube star, Jason Chen’s hit single, “Best Friend”, currently at over 10 million hits on Youtube. He has worked with Atom Phly Media in the past, writing the main theme song to Atom Phly’s 2012 film, “Keep Going”. Adien has started gaining a dedicated following of his own by posting his eclectic covers and remixes of popular songs to his own Youtube channel. Adien’s cover songs, remixes, and his first EP album, “Canvas” are all available for free at He is currently working with various record labels, artists and producers around the world, while finishing up his new EP album.

Adien Lewis
Adien LewisMusician / Composer (Dust and Water)

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