Behind the Music for DUST: Adien Lewis

Behind the Music for DUST: Adien Lewis

In it’s infancy, DUST was a concept in my brain before it really got fleshed out into a reality.  This may seem obvious, but I knew I wanted all original everything – that meant music too.  How this was going to happen I did not know,.  I understood it would come to fruition as I have SO many talented friends in all aspects of art and performance art.   It just so happens, my husband is one heck of a guitar/bass player and one of my good friends is an amazing singer/songwriter (Adien Lewis).  

I asked Adien if he would be interested in writing the songs for the films DUST and WATER, to which he gladly accepted!  I knew this young man was talented, but holy crap balls!!!  He’s amazing!  I don’t think there is an instrument he can’t play or doesn’t understand.  The man IS music personified.  

Adien is a dream to work with.  He is very focused, gave me a good base for explaining to him how I wanted the music to flow and portray the story while also being ‘danceable’.  I explained that dancers count in 8 counts and musicians in 4 counts and we learned each other’s language.  His eagerness and ease of learning and creating something amazing, within an artistic box, was incredible.  Furthermore, I already knew he looked good on film, as my adopted little brother, Frank Hernandez, filmed all of his music videos for Youtube and they were amazing – even more so when considering their limited resources!  These films are personal to all of us.  Adien and his family, were by Frank’s side when his mother passed from Lymphoma, again strengthening the bond of a collaboration of artists creating something beautiful for a cause that we can all say we have experienced on some level…whether it be ourselves, the people we care for or a loved one.  

I am SO lucky to have met Adien Lewis when I did, as he is now in LA ‘blowing things up’.  The Voice approached him, but he declined as he is an experienced singer-songwriter and producer, making catchy electronic R&B and Pop. Adien broke into the music scene, penning Youtube star, Jason Chen’s hit single, “Best Friend”, currently at over 10 million hits on Youtube. He has worked with Atom Phly Media in the past, writing the main theme song to Atom Phly’s 2012 film, “Keep Going”. Adien has started gaining a dedicated following of his own by posting his eclectic covers and remixes of popular songs to his own Youtube channel. Adien’s cover songs, remixes, and his first EP album, “Canvas” are all available for free at He is currently working with various record labels, artists and producers around the world, while finishing up his new EP album.


Check out Adien’s music video version of  DUST (featuring Dave Wu)

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