David Wu: Musical Director

David Wu: Musical Director

I begin my blog on David Wu with a warm heart, as this amazingly talented man happens to be my husband.  At this moment in time, we haven’t even been married for a month, but it feels like we’ve known each other our whole lives.  

David ‘wooed’ me by inviting me to one of his shows at Eli’s in Oakland. I was mesmerized by his live performance and ability to play such a versatile range of styles; metal, punk, rock and roll on both the guitar and the bass.   I always felt the musician/dancer combination was a good one as we understand and complement each other in different ways.  In one of our first dates, the beginnings of film were in my head and I told him, ‘I want to make art together!”….and so it began.

DUST: I found the amazing Adien Lewis for a more ‘pop’ sound as to appeal to a larger audience.  I also couldn’t give up the chance to work with this brilliant musician before LA snatches him up (this has already happened).  He wrote, sang, played piano and did everything on the DUST soundtrack except play bass and guitar.  Adien and Dave worked amazingly together.  

I gave Adien about five songs I liked and remember trying to talk to him from a dancing perspective.  All of the Triptych musicians pretty much say, ‘I’ve never thought of making music people can dance to.’  Musicians count in 4s, dancers in 8s.  However, we managed to settle on cadence and he came up with a song that I love….

BLOOD: This film is metal.  It is ‘The Battle’ so it was appropriate to bring all of my metal friends in for this epic soundtrack.  It is purely instrumental and about 20 minutes long.  The song making process took a long, long time as I had a piano player: Raven Ebner, Bass: Tim Boczanowski, Drums: Cole Andrews, Guitar: Dave Wu and Guitar 2: Paige Lawrence.  We made the song based off the story.   What developed was something truly amazing….  I even had Kendra Katz record the finger cymbals and a frame drum composition which will be largely enhanced by sound engineer Sawyer James.  Creating this beast of a song was a battle…but a good one, and I think we ended up with something that people are going to really like.  

WATER:  The third and final film of Triptych, goes back to the protagonist Adien.  He will be composing the third song.  Musicians include Adien Lewis and Katherine Park on vocals, Dave Wu on guitar, Raven Ebner on piano, Tim Boczanowski on cello and Cole Andrew on drums.  Though I haven’t heard this song yet, I gave Adien a framework to work with.  In particular, I like these two songs for inspiration: Phil Collins, ‘In the Air Tonight’ and the cover of ‘Sound of Silence’ by Disturbed.  I can’t wait to see what he makes for us!!!!


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