First Blog from Faust!

Triptych: Dust

Today I am writing my first blog entry ever!  I would have never thought an idea I had would become such a reality and that it has allowed for the receiving of many letters from viewers expressing their gratitude in what I am doing.  Triptych: Dust, Blood and Water was an inkling in my head, and is now somewhat of a phenomenon…to talk about death in an open and metaphorical forum through art.  The dream to help others process their feelings about cancer through art is a goal I will achieve…complete with a volunteer PR/Fundraising team suggesting I blog!

It has been a mixed bag:  First of all, everything fell into place in a way which made me realize the Universe was saying, ‘YES’ to my going this direction.  Secondly, it has literally made me go broke trying to finish it.  Despite many generous donations, these films are very pricey – even with all of the talent donating their time, art, beauty for the cause.  I have started writing more and more grants.  I am determined to make this third film, WATER happen.

If three years ago someone told me I would be dancing in Zoe Jake’s company, have people like Sharon Kihara, Amy Sigil, Rin Ajna, April Rose, Kami Liddle, Ariellah, The Lady Fred and so many more dancing in  my project for free….I would have laughed at them.  A serendipitous meeting with Director of Photography Micah Van Hove was a bit of an artistic match made in heaven.  He understands what I am trying to show on film.  I will never forget the feeling I had when I saw the pictures in my head coming to life on film!  This man is amazing and he will go very, very far in the film industry.

Another very important meeting of the minds was with VFX guru, Catherine Tate, who is the VFX supervisor at the Academy of Art.  Someone so humble and so full of positive energy laughed at me when I told her I had an idea for a film I would shoot on my ‘iphone and edit in imovie’.  She told me, ‘I think we can do better than that’.  Honestly, that is when my filmmaking career began.

All donations are deeply appreciated and 10% of all proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society.