The Beast of Production

The Beast of Production


Film production is one of the most difficult environments in which to work; direct, keep one’s cool, get the shot as soon as possible and learn.  I have learned so much on set with the Triptych productions, it is impossible to quantify.  All I know is that I am learning and each film is progressively more refined than its predecessor.  


I have mixed feelings about the progression of the three films (Triptych: Dust, Blood and Water), as it is obvious (to me) the development of a filmmaker making more and more difficult choices for the sake of a synergistic team. The result will be perceived by the viewer as the production value is going up and up.  I attest that the improvement in the films is due to having cultivated, reached out and created a core filmmaking team that is what I call ‘Triptych Team Awesome’’.  Communication and preparation are vital to the success of the production.  ‘They’ say, when budgets are meager, the artists get more creative. This is true to some extent, but who can deny that camera A doesn’t look better than when shot on Camera B.


My progression as a producer, director, choreographer and creator will also be blaringly obvious to the viewer.  It’s almost like watching a fledgling learn to fly.  DUST came out well and BLOOD is going to be amazing.  Many thanks to the Academy of Art VFX Supervisor Catherine Tate and her amazing team!  Patience is a virtue.  I had to make the decision of releasing BLOOD without certain VFX, or wait another year for it to be perfect when the AAU team is finished with it.   After much soul searching, it was obvious we would wait for the film to be ‘complete’, even if it takes another year.  The end result will be permanent and so much better!  We appreciate your patience more than you know and I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will keep the audience entertained while we wait!  


Before any of this began, I was told several times, by various people, that my Triptych project was ‘ too ambitious’ and ‘insurmountable’.  I have always liked a good challenge.  The truth is, my process is very obvious in the films in so many ways.  As a storyteller, as a filmmaker, as a producer, dancer and as a nurse.  The films have been a part of me for years, and by the time they are completed, will have been something I have been working on for over five years!  


The beauty is in the details; the artistic, working connections you make – finding the people you click with and believe in the project being made.  The art is in the making of the art itself really.  The realization that everyone is loved, but that this particular moment, and all the moments leading up to, ‘Aaaaand Action!’ require amazing communication and of a cohesive team.  In pre production of WATER, the third and final film, I have found my team.  I am so grateful and blessed to have amazing team mates for this production.  I find, more and more we are like family.  Frank knows exactly how I like certain things edited….Micah is one of the best directors around and yet so humble and easy to work with!  I am blessed and I only pray the films do justice to the subject matter.  I don’t know anyone untouched by cancer is some way…so we make art to make sense of this growing disease.  





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